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Extended SMB banking

Add automated accounting to your SMB banking experience. Make your clients happy and loyal, giving them small business management platform integrated with the bank.

Easy & fast sales invoice issuing, automated payment reconciliations, cost registration - to have real-time financials and cash flow management.

Integrates accounting and banking data, unifies user experience, produces new services & sales scenarios for banks. Secures clients relationships ownership.

FinAutomate - everyday SMB finance management tools as a part of banking experience.

Implemented with success in mBank (Commerzbank Group). +30 000 mBank SMB users in 10 mo, >2M transactions, +50% NB penetration, transacting +90%.

Your private automated accounting platform for SMB clients. Bank branded.

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FinAutomate - Real-Time SMB accounting

Accounting robot technology for SMBs.
Real-time booking, automated reconciliations, semantic categorisations, sophistocated accounting rules.
Daily information for management, with a special focus on cashflow projections and management..
Integrated with accountant software for tax compliance.

Fundamental change to accounting, transforming it from historical to real-time, using fresh data for cash management and contextual sales of banking products.

FinAutomate main features

Easy & fast sales invoices
Cost registration with real-time budget control
Automated real-time booking
Fast payments
Automated payments reconciliations
cashDirector - virtual finance manager - cash flow forecasts & management
Real-Time Marketing scenarios for factoring / loans sales
Real-time P&L, balance, taxes
Integration with accountants software for tax compliance
Bank branded, part of banking experience
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Bank Branded x-sell platform

Be the first offering loans / factoring.
Put bank in the center of SMB ecosystem, offering help when needed.

User real-time accounting data to monitor casflow of SMB clients. Offer proactively additional financing when needed.

Make your clients happy solving their cash management problems in advance.

Create advanced x-sales scenarios using Real Time Marketing (RTM).

Provide innovative one-click sales procedures based on precalculated scorings / financing limits. Cut transactional costs, boosts clients satisfaction.

X-sell banking products addressing real needs of bank clients.

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About us

CyberProductivity is the FinTech Accounting Robotics company.

Main product: FinAutomate - automated accounting platform, helps SMBs manage cash in the real-time, boosts sales of factoring, loans and payments.

Delivered within banking internet platform.

First bank branded SMB automated accounting platform integrated with a banking core system,
60 FTE, +35 000 mBank SMB users in 10 months, >2M transactions,
+50% service penetration within newly acquired mBank SMBs;
average banking transactions number +90%

MIT FinTech Future Commerce Finalist
EFMA-Accenture Silver Medal (mBank mKsiegowosc)
European Medal of Business Center Club
Best in Bank FinTech Implementation award.

Share capital
3 000 000 USD
Providing service to more than
35 000 clients
Platforms & products
cashDirector Bank Branded Accounting Platform costKiller mKsiegowosc superKsiegowa
ISO 27001



USA, Palo Alto
phone: +1 408 8444 310

RafaƂ Strzelecki - CEO

Artur Mojecki - Sales Director

Poland, Warsaw
phone: +48 22 112 19 80

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